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Measuring Growth

We all know growth doesn’t happen overnight.

It can be hard to measure while it’s happening, and yet when we look back it’s easier to see.

I think of a young child who is eager to see their growth and might want to be measured against the doorpost every day to see how much they’ve grown. When the markings are the same day after day the excitement quickly wanes. However, months later if the child were to stand against the same doorpost, it’s likely the growth would be extremely evident.

In our personal lives when we’re working on self-development, working to grow self-awareness or emotional intelligence it can be difficult to know if the growth is happening. Is time spent reflecting, observing patterns or money spent on coaching worth it? Is any change occurring?

And then there’s an interaction with someone and you respond differently.

Maybe it’s different than you would have responded in the past. Or you recognize your patterns of behavior coming up and it causes you to pause before you speak. Maybe it’s choosing not to say anything at all. Maybe it’s choosing to acknowledge your part in the equation. Maybe it’s choosing not to explode. Or maybe it’s choosing to just take a breath. These are the moments we get to celebrate!

Growth IS happening. It may seem slow. It may not seem like anything is happening. But remember, growth doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process. And we celebrate the wins along the way – big and small. Growth is about establishing roots. Don’t discount the time you’re spending doing the work.

Keep going for it!

If I can support you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

All the best,


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