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Erin Lego Coaching Joins IBAT

Erin Lego Coaching & Consulting, LLC announced March 21, 2023 it has joined a statewide coalition to end human trafficking in Iowa. The Iowa Businesses Against Trafficking (IBAT) initiative is spearheaded by the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office. The goal is to have Iowa’s business community raise awareness and help prevent human trafficking.

Membership in IBAT is open to any business or nonprofit organization that operates in the State of Iowa and shares a commitment to taking steps to promote awareness of human trafficking and the Iowa Safe at Home program. Safe at Home is an address confidentiality program for survivors of human trafficking and other violent crimes.

Businesses that join IBAT are asked to complete two tasks each year: “Learn Something,” and “Do Something.” Businesses will commit to “Learn Something” by educating employees, customers, and industry partners on the signs and impact of human trafficking in Iowa. Businesses can “Do Something” by empowering more people to take action to prevent human trafficking in Iowa.

Erin Lego Coaching & Consulting, LLC is proud to be an IBAT. Trafficking is happening all around us. More education around this issue will help to grow understanding and awareness.

IBAT was launched by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate in January 2022.

“I’m very pleased to have Erin Lego Coaching & Consulting, LLC join the army we are building to combat human trafficking," Secretary Pate said. “By joining IBAT, they’ve shown a commitment to their community and helping others. Together, we can make a huge difference and become a model for the rest of the nation.”

Erin Lego Coaching & Consulting, LLC, based in Granger, provides Enneagram | Leadership Coaching and team training to individuals, small businesses and corporations.

If you are an Iowa Business owner and are interested in becoming an IBAT, start the process here.

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