Explore It, Create It

It's sacred space to be invited into exploring and creating change with others. Erin Lego Coaching is continually working to provide space for leaders to reflect, see the importance of actions taken or not taken, and the impact of actions. What step do you need to take next?



Working alongside leaders has been at the heart of my professional career. It is a joy to see leaders move into action––providing space for them to explore their thoughts and then discover their next steps.

I've personally spent time working in non-profit, small business and Corporate America and believe these diverse experiences allow me to connect with clients in greater depth of understanding. 

I'm an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I'm also a certified Enneagram Coach with InnerLife Skills and am incredibly passionate about using the Enneagram as a tool to bring my clients greater self-awareness as it relates to their communication, blind spots and how they interact with others.

I love a good cup of coffee, slow weekends, sharing life with others and creating order in my world (any other Enneagram Type 1's?). 



As a leadership coach, I partner with clients to champion their strengths and draw out their best self. Coming alongside leaders in this way, I've consistently seen clarity of vision, confidence in decision making and a renewed sense of empowerment in their leadership. These points of clarity have led clients to create a wide variety of empowering changes in their lives, however they all found the answers for what they needed next within themselves.

How would you like to see yourself or your leadership grow?

Business Owner


Discover Your Type

Understanding your Enneagram allows you to gain powerful insight into your most challenging obstacles, your natural authentic personality, how intuition works best for your type, a map to claim your wholeness and how to free your nature to live your purpose.

Serious Conversation


Dedicated to You

From personal to professional growth, Erin Lego Coaching wants to partner with you to co-create the successful future you’ve envisioned.

Team Meeting


Committed to Quality

Are you a business owner looking for ways to develop your team? Erin Lego Coaching is here to provide training tools to empower your team for greater communication, ownership and success. How can I best serve you and your team?



Superior Guidance

Build a coach training experience to suit your individual career goals—whether you are a business professional looking to apply new communication skills within your current role, or you want to become a full- or part-time coach.

*This training is in partnership with the Center for Coaching Excellence.




I've learned so much about myself and the qualities I bring to both work and my personal life. Areas I've seen as my weakness in the  past can actually play into my biggest strengths. It's exciting learning more about yourself, why you are the way you are, and how to use that information to both bettter yourself and others.



I didn't expect changes so quickly, but within just a few sessions I found my attitude and my relationships with my staff began to improve. I also officially found my mission (statement) and the vision for my company that had long eluded me.